Oral Sex Essentials Kit

Oral Sex Essentials Kit

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  • Release Date: October 15, 2010


You'll love going down on your man with the Oral Sex Essentials kit by your side. Everything you need to take the "job" out of giving a blowjob is included: Comfortably Numb Deep Throat Spray, Head Job Oral Sex Lotion, Moist Flavored Lubricant, and BJ Blast Oral Sex Candy. The Comfortably Numb is a desensitizing spray that gently numbs the throat, while the Head Job Oral Sex Lotion is a flavored cream that makes any man lick-ably delicious. Try the flavored Moist for an extra wet, extra enticing oral encounter, and finish it all off with some tasty oral sex candy and give your BJ a real blast!

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Oral sex essentials kit

First off the packaging is adorable, I love that it has a box where I can keep it all nice and not lost !! The numbing spray tastes amazing and actually works unlike other places you'd buy it from. It's the perfect numbness and allows for a better deep throating experience. My favorite it's the head job lotion it tastes so good and doesn't have that nasty jelly after feel. The lube has a great strawberry taste and works before for keeping you nice and wet down there ! Haven't tried the bj candy yet but I can't wait too!!! Overall a must purchase.

Anonymous - January 10 2018


Never been able to go lips to the balls deep when giving my man a blowjob, but always wanted to. This stuff really works without numbing to much and i love the flavor which makes having oral sex more exciting and tasty. He used to love watching blowjob porno's where the girls deep throat, but now he's happy just watching me doing the exact same thing. Love your site, it's easy to find what you're looking for and i like the fact that you can call if you need any help!!!

Anonymous - November 11 2014

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